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Alvin Kupperman and
Michael Fishman say:

When my partner and I retired in 2010, we moved to Palm Springs permanently and hired David Colton to renovate the vacation home that we purchased in 1994.

Built in the early 70s, the house was in serious need of repair and upgrades. The kitchen, master and guest bathrooms needed to be redesigned and modernized. The house also needed new doors and windows, interior/exterior repairs and painting.


David Colton not only delivered an excellent renovation in a timely fashion, his superb design skills and knowledge of materials, supplies and resources significantly helped us make the right design and construction decisions throughout the process.

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Allen Green and
Roland Guerin say:

We must commend David on the excellent results in the entire remodeling of our condominium in Palm Springs, California. We are elated with the final product as it is an example of fine workmanship.

Every detail of the construction was completed with care and precision making our home a showplace that we will enjoy for many years.

As the months passed, you presented design plans that were extremely useful as will as being decorative. We never would have been able to think of the ideas that you displayed so easily.


You organized the construction taking into account the homeowner rules. This had to be a daunting task. Thanks again for your fine work.

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Michelle Moran says:

I have renovated numerous homes over the years and this was unequivocally the easiest and most enjoyable design-build experience I have had. David worked with me on every step from the pre-purchase planning through move-in. His knowledge and experience were invaluable, and I particularly appreciate his attention to detail, including the daily on-site management of the project.


David’s design aesthetic helps focus the decision-making process and his breadth of knowledge allows for flexibility when those last minute design changes occur. I cannot wait to work with David again on my next project (Since this recommendation, David has remodeled a second condominium for Michelle).

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