Belair Drive

Belair Drive

David William Colton


From an early age I knew I loved making things out of wood with my hands.  I started building boomerangs, birdhouses, bookcases and even furniture when I was 11 years old.  By 13 I was taking woodshop classes.  When it came time for high school, I chose a vocational woodworking program that lasted 3 years.  

During the summers I was fortunate enough to work on my shop teachers crew building houses.  By the age of 24, I was running my own contracting service in the Hudson Valley, primarily focused on restoring the old farms and Federalist houses inhabited on weekends by the denizens of Manhattan and its boroughs.  

After spending 26 years on the Hudson I relocated to Palm Springs California.  You know, the typical story,  “I never want to spend another winter in the cold snow “.  And I haven’t!

The architecture in Palm Springs is quite a bit different from the old Italinates and Farmhouses that dot the Hudson Valley.  Almost like being reborn, I found a new love working with the clean lines of the modern homes in the desert.  I’m approaching my 16th anniversary here in the Coachella Valley this December, and decided to create a web portfolio of some of my favorite projects from over the years, starting with my time on the Hudson.  I’ve organized my work into several distinct categories which are listed below.  Click on the category featured photos to view an album.